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Our cuisine has its origins in our origin and is characterized by offering a touch of a breaker, a modern touch influenced by the streets of Alicante and the charm of its gastronomy. We bring you everything we have learned in our journey in the traditional Italian cuisine thanks to our roots and fuse it with the best of the terreta.

Offering quality is not optional for us, it is something that is implicit in our way of seeing things. Our commitment is to offer you a selected product thanks to our experience in traditional Italian cuisine.

We offer a wide variety of flavor combinations inspired by our Venetian roots and our experience in Alicante gastronomy. We offer you a range of flavors and experiences that will make you discover the true spirit of the Mediterranean.

Pizza al paso palmira

Las Palmeras is an emblematic establishment in Villajoyosa. In 2015 after a complete remodeling we gave our kitchen a 360º vision combined with an industrial style, it gets a lot of character and personality.we offer an extensive menu, where you will find a variety of starters, entrees, salads and pizzas. We stand out for our homemade burgers, the classic Cordon Bleu and roast chicken in the traditional style ''LAS PALMERAS''Our main objective is quality, innovation and customer satisfaction so we implemented as a novelty the home service to continue to meet our goal.

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The restaurant will operate with a menu of about 15 varieties of pizza, along with some salads and mezze as starters. "We took the Lebanese 'mezze' and took it to an Argentine concept to reinvent them and turn them into appetizers or portions as small plates to share (for example, pickles) that can function as starters, for a price of 4 or 5 euros," says Pablo Giudice. The 'mezze' serve to exemplify the philosophy applied in Picsa: "To go from the 'folkie', the folkloric, to the current", they summarize. Among these dishes to share, there are from Sardines rulli to Eggplant Escabeche or Vitel tonne.

Location? Picsa occupies premises on the corner of Ponzano and María de Guzmán (almost opposite Sudestada), in that part of the Chamberí neighborhood where business customers from the Azca and Nuevos Ministerios areas meet with neighbors from the Cuatro Caminos and Ríos Rosas areas.

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Parking: there is a parking lot on the concrete street with a capacity of 10 vehicles and they have another parking lot on a side of land that goes down and is in the back of the restaurant, Approx for one 20 vehicles, which means that when it rains the issue of mud is not guaranteed, you do not pay anything.

Fortunately we went at the end of the afternoon and although it was sunny and the weather is warm it felt nice in the shade, at the entrance there are few parking spaces but internally it has good capacity if you go in a group.