Ingredientes hamburguesa beyond meat

Breaded brioche bread with soya paulina cocina

The brioche bread is ideal because it is made with milk, egg and especially butter, that ingredient that gives it the special touch when baked, so that it is hot and fluffy inside.

The first ingredient to add is lettuce, because although traditionally we have a concept of hamburger as fast-food, this can become a healthy dish by including vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates, that is, all the macronutrients needed in a healthy and balanced diet. Batavia lettuce is one of the most used in the preparation of the hamburger because it is the one that absorbs less water and has less "veins", so its texture pleases the palate.

Now we come to the star ingredient, the meat. Its ideal thickness ranges from 220 grams to 320 grams for the very carnivorous. The most important thing to take into account about this ingredient is its quality. There are many types of meat and many cuts, but the most advisable is the Angus or low loin, for its low percentage of fat, its softness and great juiciness. How to cook it? Grilled and steamed. To suit all tastes, but when it is cooked it is when you can best appreciate its flavor, pink inside and caramel colored on the outside, it is ready to be placed on vegetables.

Beef and Soy Burgers

The McDouble®, a classic McDonald's double patty, includes two 100% pure beef patties seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, crispy pickles, chopped onions, ketchup, mustard and a slice of melted American cheese. No artificial flavors, preservatives or colorings added from artificial sources*. Our pickles contain an artificial preservative, so don't order it if you don't want it.

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Meat flavored textured soy burgers

Because all our burgers are made with all the love and passion of our team for an exquisite meal, all thanks to the quality of each of its ingredients and our commitment to you.

We prepare the meat for each burger on the spot and we make sure to concentrate its true flavor by cooking them on our griddle, completely free of additives and preservatives of any kind.

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Hamburguesas de soja para congelar

Del Mediterráneo, para el mundo. Nos inspiramos en nuestra herencia mediterránea para crear la carne vegetal más sana y deliciosa, con los mejores ingredientes y el mejor valor nutritivo. Únete a la causa Somos Game Changers Juntos queremos impulsar un cambio hacia la alimentación vegetal sostenible, por nuestra salud, por los animales y por el planeta. Únete a la causa Vota con tu tenedor Los mayores cambios comienzan con las acciones más pequeñas. Aprende, comparte y únete a la revolución que transformará el planeta en un lugar mejor. Únete a la causa